A Masterclass in Acting: A Novel by Tatiana Maslany

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A Note on Yesterday’s Posts



I am on vacation so did not see the reaction to some of my posts yesterday, or I would have responded sooner. As a heads up, I am going to return to vacation momentarily and won’t be back until Friday.

But I want to apologize for an earlier tumblr post in which I captioned Hazel and Gus’s movie kiss in Amsterdam by saying something like, “When was the last time the girl kissed the boy in a romance?”

I thought it would be contextually clear that I was referring to romantic movies, not to books. There have been many (many many many many) books for teens in which the girl kisses the boy. But there have also been many movies in which the girl kisses the boy, so I was dead wrong regardless.

I was trying to congratulate the filmmakers on making a smart choice to have Hazel kiss Gus (and it is a choice, since in the book it’s not clear who, for lack of a better term, makes the move). I was not in any way trying to credit myself with having had the girl kiss the boy, especially since I didn’t in TFIOS—at least not unambiguously so.

All that noted, it was an incorrect thing to say, and I apologize. In my exuberance for the film, I said something that was both flatly wrong and offensive, and I appreciate being called out on it, and I’m sorry.

I’ve also been told that lots of people felt that it was unfair of me to tweet that it took guts for Fox to release a small, female-led movie in the summer, and to make a movie about people living with disabilities. I want to be clear that I don’t think there was anything REVOLUTIONARY about Fox’s choices here: after all, TFIOS came out two weeks after Maleficent, which was also a gutsy release date imho, and certainly TFIOS isn’t the first movie to feature characters with disabilities prominently. 

But I strongly believe it was smart and gutsy of Elizabeth Gabler to make TFIOS, and then to release it in June. I don’t want to generalize unfairly, but many studio heads feel that summer should be all about action movies and superheroes. (For the record, I thought it was bananas to release the movie in June against a Tom Cruise film.) But Elizabeth believed there would be an audience for it, and she was right, and it was a brilliant call, and I’m grateful to her.

In general, I do want to clarify one more thing: When I talk about the movie, I am not talking about myself, because I did not make the movie, write the screenplay, cast the movie etc. I had nothing to do with any facet of the actual process of making and marketing the movie (except agreeing to, like, be interviewed and stuff), so I do not deserve any credit for the quality or success of the film. All that credit should go to the people at Fox, the filmmakers, and cast and crew.

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What if I’m not a hero? What if I’m just some guy who was struck by lightning?

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“None of us would have survived this place if it wasn’t for you. You want forgiveness, fine I’ll give it to you, you’re forgiven, okay? But you can’t run, Bellamy.”

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